Inside the bunkers and war rooms where major banks wage nightly battle on the frontline of cyber war

On Tuesday night, the Westpac Bank was under threat from a cyber attack.

It was all hands on deck in the bank's Coordination Centre.

"These are all malicious activities, they're all attacks," Westpac's chief information security officer Richard Johnson said.

While most of us are sleeping at night, a sinister cyber war is raging in the country's big cities. Westpac has revealed it can often come under cyber attack as many as three times in a 24-hour period.

To combat the hidden enemy, the ABC has learned banks are now fitted with bunkers and war rooms, while tech staff are engaged in daily cyber war games.
Mr Johnson happens to be a former military man — a lieutenant in the Army Reserve.
So he is right at home in this environment.
He is in command of the Coordination Centre.
The centre is fitted out like NASA's mission control.
There are rows of desks, workers with headphones typing away, and they are all facing a wall of large computer monitors.
One of the screens shows a linear squiggly line with a sharp spike in the middle.
It marks the moment Westpac came under attack, and the response was swift.
"So we have a dedicated team whose core mission it is to constantly assess the state of our environment," Richard Johnson said. "They will go through picking targeted systems that they want to assess at a given time. "We'll have automated robots that are running almost continuously — scanning internally and externally looking for anything that might have been missed, any vulnerabilities, so we can detect and respond to that, which is important when changes are occurring, because something might change."

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