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Both are domesticated, but is one smarter?

Dog and cat owners make a lot of assumptions about their four-footed companions' intelligence. Of course, we all like to imagine our Fido or Felix is the smartest animal ever to fetch — or pounce on — a ball. So can we settle the age-old debate? Which species is smarter: dogs or cats?

Turns out, the answer isn’t as straightforward as pet lovers might like.

"Dog-cognition researchers do not study 'intelligence' per se; we look at different aspects of cognition," Alexandra Horowitz, a senior research fellow who specializes in dog cognition at Barnard College in New York and the author of "Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know" (Scribner, 2010), told Live Science in an email.

In fact, Horowitz questions the human habit of comparing intelligence across species.

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