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COVID-19 testing is complicated right now. Here are answers to 6 big questions

A friend texted me recently because her daughter’s class had a coronavirus outbreak and my friend had some questions about COVID-19 testing.

Testing has been on lots of other people’s minds and in the news lately, too. President Joe Biden announced recently that insurance providers must reimburse people for at-home coronavirus tests, and millions of tests will be available for people who don’t have insurance. Some people are making testing part of their routines before holiday gatherings.

Yet COVID-19 tests aren’t easy to come by everywhere. Consumers have complained that their pharmacies are sold out and that testing centers in some places have long lines. And even if you can get your hands on a test, many folks — like my friend — have questions. In particular, she wanted to know if her daughter’s recent vaccine shot would interfere with the results of her home test.

Here are some answers to that and other queries.

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