Living with artificial intelligence: how do we get it right?

Powerful AI needs to be reliably aligned with human values. Does this mean that AI will eventually have to police those values? Cambridge philosophers Huw Price and Karina Vold consider the trade-off between safety and autonomy in the era of superintelligence.

Preparing for the future: artificial intelligence and us

Today we begin a month-long focus on research related to artificial intelligence. Here, four researchers reflect on the power of a technology to impact nearly every aspect of modern life and why we need to be ready.

Opinion: Charles Manson: death of America's 1960s bogeyman

Charles Manson, one of America's most notorious criminals and cult leaders, has died. In an article written for The Conversation, James Riley from Cambridge's Faculty of English discusses Manson and the nature of celebrity.

Opinion: UK research in troubled political times

As Brexit negotiations appear to stall. Professor Dame Athene Donald considers the effect of the UKs withdrawal from EU research schemes.

Breathing new life into asthma treatment

Ian Hosking from Cambridge Engineering Design Centre is cofounder and coleader of Designing Our Tomorrow a collaboration between the Department of Engineering and the Faculty of Education which brings real world problems into classroom design and technology sessions. Here he describes the culmination of a year long project in which secondary school students designed packaging solutions for the treatment of childhood asthma.

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