9 Powerful Tips To Score In Writing

Tip 1: Informal Letter

you may be asked to write an informal letter to a friend or family member. Often, the qeestion will require you to describe or explain something, or it may ask you to say what you think about a suggestion or a plan. The exam question will give you some ideas, and will tell you what you should include in your letter.

Remember: It is important to show that you can write in an informal style.

Example of opening: Hi Puja, Dear Mum,

Example of ending: Love Your lovely daughter,

Tip 2: Follow the required number of words

Make sure that follow all the instruction very carefully, and write the required number of words. if you are taking the Extended syllabus, aim for about 185 words. If you are taking the core syllabus, your should be about 135 words.

Tip 3: Use more adjective and adverbs

When you write, use your imagination as much as possible, but remember that your answer must always be relevent to the question.

one way to improve your writing your writing as by usuing more adjective and adverbs.

Example : We had food and the music too was good. The above sentence could be made better by aaplying some adjective like the below sentence. We ate really delicious food and the music was fantastic!

Tip 4: Know your marks allocation.

up to nine marks awarded for content, and up to nine makes for language (5+5 in the Core papers). "content". refers to the relevance and development of ideas; "language" refers to style and accuracy.

Tip 5: Formal letter

Below are some important points about writing a formal letter in your IGCSE exam:

1.You do not need to supply addresses or a date, unless you are specifically asked to. However, you need to address the person that you are writing to.

2.A formal letter is the type you write to someone you have no personal relationships.

3. If the letter begings with ' Dear Madam' or Sir' , it should end with ' Yours faithfully'

4.If the letter begins with somebody's name, for example "Dear Mr. Robert' , it should end with 'Yours sincerely'

5.A formal letter will usually contain at least two paragraphs, and will use formal language and no abbreviations.

Tip 6: Style of writing

You may be asked to write an article or narrative, or to give a simple description, or to write something persuasive. It is Important that you read the question very carefully, and that you express yourself effectively. you should also show that you can vary the style of your writing, depending on the topic o the topic.

Tip 7: Summary writing

In Exercise 5 of the IGCSE English as Second Language paper, you'll be required to write a summary for a text . below are some important points to help you to score maximum marks for this section:

1.Your answer should be written as a single paragraph if the question requires it.

2.The summary question will direct you to specific topic in the text, so it is very important that you underline the points and make brief notes before you write your answer.

Tip 8: Keep to the topic

In Exercise 6 and 7, you may be asked to write your opinion about something in the form of a newspaper article, or perhaps for your school newsletter or magazine.

Usually, you will be given help in the form of a list of ideas or other people's opinions, but yiou do not have to use them in your answer. your are free to use your own ideas but make sure you keep to the topic.

Tip 9: Organize your ideas

Although you don't have much time for planning , you should underline the key word(s) in the question to make sure you do exactly what is asked. write very brief notes, putting your ideas into a logical order. Check for repetition. When you have finished your writing, check your spelling, grammar and punctuation.

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